United States and Prejudice Ceases Essay

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“Only when racism and other forms of prejudice are expunged, can minorities be safe and society be fair.” As long as prejudice exists—and continues to be expressed—then our society stands broken and tattered. People don’t see each other as equals, even though they are indeed the same. We attack others to put them down; we hurt one another with words to make ourselves somehow feel better. This consequently leads to an even greater physical violence, one which could easily be avoided simply if prejudice ceased to exist. Many of the great wars and movements within our country and the world have been a result of prejudice. The United States Civil War of the 1860’s is a prime example of how lives were lost and an economy was destroyed at the hands of prejudice. If the white man didn't see the black man as a lesser being—a slave—based on the difference in skin, then there would have been no conflict between the Union and the Confederacy; no reason for war that cost thousands their lives. Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but by thinking that that dark age in our history could have been bypassed if prejudice did not exist, can help open our eyes to see future disputes that could potentially be avoided with the eradication of prejudice. It is then that we as a Nation could start to move forward and focus on the much bigger problems, like the thousands of Americans who are unemployed and living on the streets. During the Civil War, most of the other countries had abandoned the idea of slavery, and were focusing on more important problems in their country, while the United States was still astonished and uncomfortable with the fact that Man’s skin could be a different color. Positive progression as a nation cannot take place until prejudice ceases to exist. There have however been attempts at eradicating prejudice within a society. North Korea has laws in place against hate speech and prejudice, and it has created tension between the government and the people that could very easily lead to war. It is true, though that generally “war is bound to happen” and it is a part of human nature, but war based on prejudice can be prevented, and it would be one less conflict that would need to be resolved. It is also true that inside “we are all prejudice” and “it is our nature to judge others,” but saying it aloud and hurting the ones around us can be prevented if we were to just keep it to ourselves. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at