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Name Marco Leon Date Aug. 10, 2014
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Article’s Title Obama offers no time limit on Iraq military action
Article’s Author DARLENE SUPERVILLE Associated Press
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President Barack Obama, President of the United States, British Prime Minister David Camereon, and French President Francoise Hollande 
The President of the United States stated that he can offer no specific timeline on America's military involvement in Iraq. This comment was in response to the President ordering military airstrikes on Northern Iraq as well as humitarian airdrops to protect American personnel stationined in Northern Iraq and Iraqi ethnic minorities from the violence unleashed by the terrorist group, ISIS. He also stated that he has support from his European allies. 

The President made his comments on the South Lawn of the White House. 

His comments were made on Saturday August 9, 2014, 48 hours after he ordered the military engagement. 

How does this impact your country’s government or another government around the world?

The President's order to get the military involved brings up serious questions as to whether he is commiting the US into war with no clear exit strategy. Many families who have men and women serving in the military could be affected if the engagements were to continue or escalate. Oil prices could rise again if