United States and Reality Outsourcing Essay

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Outsourcing is bad for the economy because it is taking American jobs and throwing them away. It is putting the American country into debt. Outsourcing is really a problem that needs to be put to an immediate stop. However, outsourcing may help because it takes jobs that Americans don’t want to do and they send them to other countries around the globe. It is giving jobs to foreigners, not to the American people. Many people think that outsourcing may be good for our economy, but in reality outsourcing is putting the American people in debt.
Outsourcing is horrid for the economy because it takes the jobs that Americans need and sends the businesses to other countries. The owners of the American businesses take the jobs and let foreigners have them. Outsourcing is really going to have a huge affect on the economy if it isn’t taken care of. Outsourcing is one reason the United States is in debt. It makes the United States lose jobs and money. The reason the United States loses money is because the states tax the companies, so if there are no companies here then they are not earning the taxes. Outsourcing is also giving the Americans less goods because there are few local companies to supply them. The goods we may have one day may be gone the next. The reason they disappear is because they start outsourcing to foreign companies who charge the business owners less money to make the product. We must fix this epidemic before outsourcing takes a huge toll on the U.S economy.