United States and Social Darwinism Essay

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Discuss the reasons behind the new expansionism that characterized US foreign policy in the 1890s? In the 1890s the United States was on the age of expansion. With the United States moving westward and establishing itself as a young world power the spirit of conquest was ripe for the picking. As European countries were expanding it was time for the United States to get involved as well. With any given time in a country the age of imperialism come about. As Republican Senator Cabot Lodge said, “A record of conquest, colonization and territorial expansion unequalled by any people in the nineteenth century.” (The American Journey: A History of the United States 6th Edition) Imperialism is based on the acquisition and exploitation of colonial possession. Instead of expanding by using the military the influence and interests of the United States was expanded by trade and investments in new countries abroad. One reason for expansion was that some scholars believed in Social Darwinism. The United States should compete with the wealth and power of other countries. As European countries expanded into Africa and Asia the United States had to adopt similar principles in order to stay in the scheme of things and also to ensure national success. Something that co-existed with social Darwinism was the belief that the descendants of people in the U.S. was from an Anglo-Saxon descent. We were chosen to rule with authority over our lands and other lands as we expanded. American missionaries also promoted expansion. Women formed foreign missionary societies and served in the missions. Missionaries promoted threw-out the U.S. what they thought imperialism was and that spreading their religion and ideas to everyone was important to do. While doing this they also brought other benefits to the land like education and health to the new areas they went to. Another group was more strategic concern about the wellbeing of the U.S. We need to expand, promote and protect our country as…