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Mr. Vargish
6 September 2012
Los Angeles Times, December 03, 2012,
“No Supreme Court decision on gay marriage: 'Just more waiting'”

This article is about the third rail issue of gay marriage and the Supreme Court’s recent action, or lack thereof, concerning this issue. People all over American have been patiently waiting for the Supreme Court to make a national decision on gay marriage. Many waited in anxiety to hear the fate of gay marriage in the Supreme Court last Monday, December 3. On the morning before the decision whether the court would hear the case or not, a large group of people met at a West Hollywood Starbucks and eagerly awaited the upcoming decision. To many people’s dismay, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case during this session. Those worried citizens will have to wait one more year until the court will reconsider the case. The crew of the L.A. Times interviewed some of the member of the crowd at Starbucks after the decision. Chi Chi LaRue said, “This is the status quo, this is expected,” referencing the court’s decision not to hear the case. Many citizens, gay and straight, are patiently waiting for the Supreme Court to hear the case, but some have just come to expect the court will continue to keep pushing it off year after year. Many have been waiting and anticipating a decision for many years and this would be one of the biggest Supreme Court cases ever and would change our future. One gay resident of West Hollywood said that the upcoming decision, “gives me the shivers”. Some are still positive and willing to wait for this case to finally hit the Supreme Court floor. One Mr. De Chabert said, “No news isn’t bad news. It’s just more waiting.” This Court decision is highly anticipated and many are waiting for it to happen and hopefully it will soon. I chose this article because it affects everyone in the United States and it was a recent topic in California a few elections ago. The issue of gay marriage is a burning issue all across America. Some states strongly support it and others wouldn’t dare consider it. Currently, ten states allow same-sex marriage and another ten allow civil unions between partners of the same sex. That makes twenty out of the fifty states that allow some sort same sex partnership. That is two thirds of the states in the Union. The