United States and u. s District Courts Essay

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Corsha Ross
February 8, 2015
Intro to Law
Assignment 4

1. Name a Constitutional Court: The U.S District Court of New York City
Name a Legislative Court: The U.S Court of Federal Claims
2. The federal courts of general jurisdiction is organized into three tiers.
3. The first tier consists of The U.S district Courts, The second tier consist of The U.S Courts of Appeals, The third tier consist of The U.S. Supreme Court which consist of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices.
4. Federal trial courts are called district courts.
5. Federal appellate courts are called courts of appeals
6. The third tier court in the federal system is called the U.S Supreme Court
7. Federal trial courts function like other trial courts in the country. A single judge presides, and a jury hears the evidence, but evidence is submitted and a verdict is reached in the same manner as in state trial courts.
8. The U.S Court of Appeals hears only cases on appeal from U.S district courts or federal regulatory agencies.
9. The second tier court consists of thirteen permanent courts.
10. Three judges typically hears a case when it reaches a second tier court.
11. One judge hears the case when it’s heard in a first tear court.
12. Nine judgers hear a case when it’s heard in a third tear court.
13. Federal question jurisdiction is established by
14. Municipal courts are a kind of court with limited jurisdiction.
15. The Supreme Court, The Appellate Court, and The Circuit Court
16. Central…