United States Army and Strong Foundational Fortitude Essay

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Marcus Aurelius know as the philospher emperor during one of the final periods of the golden age in Roman Society described the praetorian guard as being one of the most successful units in the roman military, not because of their dedication to training and tactics, but it was their devote passion for service and duty. Men of the preatorian were just men, but they were citizens who believed in a strong foundational fortitude for honor and loyalty to country. These men came from all echelons of society, trading wealth and material influence for service for one's country. Their only currency of choice was respect. The respect they gained gave them the ability to serve without fear and defend their families and homes with all they have. My aspiration to become an army Officer is a combination of my desire to serve my country and continue the family tradition started with my mother and father, who also served in the United States Army.
Like the Roman Republic, America faces persistent and unpredictable enemies to dismantle and destroy the image of American values. Growing up in a military family has instilled in me time honor traditions and values that give me the courage to step and serve my country. In today's world, the enemy is no longer influenced by world politics and espionage. Act of terror are no longer isolated far from our from our doorstep. 9/11 changed all that, from that day and throughout my college career, the world and the politics of war have changed. We are a country at war, but not with an enemy with an allegiance to a flag or country. It is with an ambiguous enemy, who fights unconventionally through the fog of war. In this new age of warfare, soldiers must be equally as cunning to face this new type of challenge. Like officer of the past, the challenge of leading soldiers in this new era of conflict, takes not only focus, but a passion for service and duty. I strive to pursue a post as an officer