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Bill Nelson (
Bill Nelson is a Democrat Florida Senator that was elected into office in November, 2000.
Senator Nelson is a member of the U.S. Senate Budget, Commerce, Finance, Intelligence and Aging committees. The Budget Committee drafts the annual budget for the federal government. This committee creates economic policy and sets parameters for congressional spending.The Commerce Committee has jurisdiction over consumer affairs. The panel also deals with a range of issues that have a direct impact on Florida's economy, including NASA, science, technology, foreign commerce, tourism, oceans and fisheries. The Finance Committee has jurisdiction over all taxes and revenue, many health care programs including Medicare and Medicaid, international trade policy, and customs. This is often percieved as the most important committee in the Senate because of its broad jurisdiction. He is Chairman of the Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Growth Subcommittee. The Intelligence Committee oversees the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government. Nelson sits as the chair on the Aging Committee oversees and investigates a range of issues affecting seniors, including retirement security, nursing home quality, consumer frauds and prescription drug prices. Nelson is also apart of a host of subcommitees such as Chairman of the Science and Space Subcommittee, member of the Aviation