United States Constitution Essay

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The Shariah Law
Each person in today’s society has his own way of living, which is influenced by the individual’s friends, wealth, family, and religion. These things determine the type of person he is and affects what he does. For example, the goal in life for many actors is to constantly perform and seek opportunities for publicity until they become satisfied with their level of fame or riches. An example of religion playing a vital role can be seen through Christian missionaries who’ve died as a martyr for the gospel, due to their religious belief that values death for God as the highest honor. Religion is essential, and makes life worth living or a death worth giving. Some Arabs or Muslims treat the Shariah Law as their way of life. Many of them follow and live according to this law. Does a person have the right to prohibit someone’s exercise or beliefs? If the belief is appropriate given the circumstances and is within the boundaries of law, then it should be widely accepted and even supported. Therefore, the implementation of the Shariah Law in the U.S is compatible with the U.S. First Amendment and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.
The First Amendment states that “… the congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. Some argue that passing the Shariah Law violates the First Amendment because the Shariah Law appears to force the people of other religions to follow the Islamic rule. However, the accurate meaning of the First Amendment has changed from when it first originated. In the sixteenth century, Europe was going through the reformation era. Catholic churches governed Europe during that time and enforced a law that required all citizens to attend churches, which gave Catholics too much authority. When the U.S. Constitution was established, senators were afraid of power gathering in any one organization after witnessing the negative effects of the precedent, the Catholic churches. The purpose of the First Amendment was to limit the power of religion. However, the Shariah Law only applies to Muslims and will not affect others. The country was founded based on Christianity, yet laws have already been passed respecting Christianity, contrary to the First amendment. President Eisenhower passed P.W 84-104, which states that “In God We Trust” shall be shown in every currency of United States. The word “God” on our currency shows that the U.S. respects religion.
Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states, “The Constitution shall be the supreme Law of the Land.” Everyone must follow the Constitution, and only includes Muslims under the Shariah law. This shows that the Constitution has more power than laws only pertaining to one religious group. Laws can be passed and cause no harm to others. There is no problem passing the Shariah Law according to Article VI. “In the United States of America we apply the Constitutional freedom of religion, and classify Islam as a religion