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Our Forefathers Planned our Constitution Well
Every day we express the rights given to us in the bill of rights, follow the laws set up by our government, and live in a country whose foundation is the constitution. We as Americans make a conscious choice to be good citizens. We also make an unconscious effort to be proud, patriotic Americans. Every day we wake up, go to school or work, and become productive members of society.
So the question still stands “Is the Constitution Still Relevant?” I believe yes, but many people wonder exactly how relevant it is. Well tell me, did you wake up today and not be able to say what you want? Do you fear your government? Does your government make the rules and you just live by them? No, we say and think what we want, we confide in our government to keep us safe, and we decide who picks our rules, we can also petition to have laws changed.
Our forefathers worked very hard when laying out the foundation of America. They thought about everything we would need to be the Amazing country that we are. 116 day went into writing this one document that would last us a lifetime. Not only did they take pieces of other successful governments of the past, they also created something completely new, something no other country has been able to reproduce since. They set up a government for their people; the realized that people do not serve their government, their government should serve them.
“ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man” They realized that no one man can be America, but many men and many women together as one with the idea of a more perfect union, domestic tranquility, and justice. These men and women over 200 years ago had an amazing future planned out for America. They thought about how their great-great-grandchildren would feel about government.
After gaining independence from Great Britain, the American men knew that they needed a way…