United States Constitution and Brenda Contreras Section Essay

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NAME: Brenda Contreras Section: Blue CHAPTER: 1

Argumentative Paragraph

The Life of the Native Americans

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on the Bahamas. There he and his crew came into contact with Native Americans. However, these Native Americans had been in the Americas for around 38,000 and 10,000 B.C. and knew things that Columbus and his crew didn’t. The Native Americans gathered edible plants and also hunted animals for food and clothes. The Native Americas developed different and unique cultures. The Mayans created a number system and wrote with glyphs. The Aztecs had a highly organized society and built a capital with a canal system. They Native Americans taught Columbus and his crew things they never knew. Later on Columbus introduced the encomienda system, which forced the Native Americans to work for the Spanish. The Native Americans suffered from overwork, malnutrition and also disease. Their freedom was taken away and destroyed by society that knew nothing about them.

Section 1
4a. The Mayans created a number system and wrote with glyphs. The Aztecs was an organized society, which ruled about seven million people, had a strict class system, and built a capital city with a canal system. The Incas was a farming culture, which rose to power, and their empire became the largest in the Americas.

4b. Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas societies were persuaded by trade, because of the exchange of different cultural practices, goods, and ideas.

4c. The Spanish were fortunate at settling in areas of North America and South America because Columbus introduced the encomienda system.

Section 2
3a. The New England Colonies were influenced by Puritans, which wanted to purify the Church by stopping Catholic traditions and rituals. They also got to escape from religious control.

3b. The people turned to slavery because the owners had control and it was cheap labor.

3c. The establishment of a representative government might affect the colony and the king because the king felt a little threatened by the House of