United States Constitution and Jackson Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was born on march 15th 1767 and was President of the United States in the 1800’s. Some people argue that Jackson was an ethical man, but closer examination of his actions show that he was very cruel and almost resembled an absolute monarch. Andrew Jackson is guilty of crimes against the state and humanity because he used brut force to kick the indians out of there homeland, also for shutting down the secondary bank. Seems Jackson was more concerned with his own person benefit than his peoples.

Jackson tried to destroy the national bank by withdrawing federal funds and placing them in the state banks. State banks supported the rich white men, but did not cater to the working man. Jackson actually stated he believed that,” Congress had no right under the Constitution to charter a bank.” Jackson didn't let anyone stand in the way of what he wanted even the Supreme Court. The reason Jackson was easily able to do this was due to the spoils policy where he was able to hire friends for government jobs. This led to a very one direction corrupt government. Jacksons decisions were not only unethical, but they we're also unlawful. The Supreme Court had already ruled the national bank was constitutional. The closing of the national bank left a recession for Martin Van Buren.

Jackson strived for development in the east and thought that the indians and there land were getting in the way of that. So he decided to send troops to kick them out of their land. In 1831, the Supreme Court ruled that the cherokee indians had the right to self govern. This meaning