United States Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Thomas Jefferson wrote in the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence that everyone has the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When he says about life, he is saying that everyone has a life and that should not be taken away. Next, he writes about liberty, this is saying that everyone has freedom to live and rights. Finally, he writes about the pursuit of happiness, he is saying that it is feeling of self-worth and dignity you acquire by contributing to your community and to its civic life. Thomas Jefferson is trying to say that everyone has a life and should be thankful for that. He is also saying that everyone should be treated equally and with care because we are each important, we are rare and there is no one else like us. Everyone is different, he is saying that people shouldn’t then be treated differently. Our government protect our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by enforcing laws to keep us safe. If we never had any laws, our country would be chaotic and people would start getting hurt. They have police officers go around patrolling in areas around our country so they can be sure that we are safe. They have cameras in schools and in businesses so no one will lose lots of money or get killed in big, public places. If there was nothing like this then no one would be happy. They also hold events like voting and political things so people can pick who they want to be in control of a particular area. Some actions that our government should take to protect these rights or to ensure that all U.S citizens have these rights is by instructing the police officers better to be more considerate to others. Over the past months, people have died, or they have been injured from certain police officers, because they are not good with people or just not liking them because that person is different from everyone else. The government should also listen to people’s complaints, consider them greatly, and talk to the person themselves to see if they can solve their issues. Also, they should solve the issue of lack of education. Some people in our country don’t have enough or no education due to money issues or just the area’s school district. June 2, 2014, the group called ISIS started and still injuring thousands and taken control of cities just because they want more control over their land. But why? They are doing this so they have power, they want that power to feel all mighty and high but they are acting so blind. Usually what happens is that their…