Essay on United States Declaration of Independence and Sample Heading Lastname

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Essay # 1 Project

In this essay, you will use your personal experience in areas of ‘Citizenship’ and ‘Freedom’. You will choose one prompt from below and answer it in a formal essay. You must incorporate information from the appropriate readings into your essay.

1. Using “Great Citizenship” as a resource, examine your role as a citizen. How are your behaviors influenced by the actions of others. Which of the “Five Rules” do you think you could see yourself supporting today? What other areas within the assigned reading do you identify with? What are the ways that your behavior can be modified based on what you have read? Explain your answers thoroughly.
2. Define “Freedom” as you have always known it to be. Now that you have read “Freedom Is Intended as a Challenge” has your knowledge of the intention of the Declaration of Independence increased? Based on the information in this article how might you apply these definitions of happiness and freedom in your lives? Explain your answers thoroughly.

Your essay should include: a clear definition of Citizenship or Freedom
The title of the assigned story and author’s full name in the opening paragraphs

Consider the following:
How have you been a ‘great citizen’, is there such a thing as a ‘great citizen’?
Does a person’s upbringing influence citizenship? If yes, how so?
Is it ever possible to be truly “Happy” as defined in the reading?
How has your view of freedom changed since reading this article?

This paper should be 2.5-3.5 pages in length, use Times New Roman or Arial fonts and have 1 inch margins. Spacing must be double spaced. Use the