United States Declaration of Independence and Real Life Person Essay

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Civil War Segment
Task: You are hosting a brand new show on the #1 cable channel. What will make you successful is being able to travel time and bring people back from various time periods for this. Since this is your show, you either work by yourself or with an executive producer (one more person.)
You will pick a person from the Antebellum South/Civil War for your main segment. You will be graded in five sections. Each section needs to be done in order to receive full credit.
Additionally, the following is in play: * This person must have been a real life person. * The whole thing must be typed, double-spaced, Arial/Times New Roman/or Calibri font, size 11. * Each section will be checked for neatness, and factual accuracy.
Part 1 * You will provide a brief half page introduction, introducing the guest or explaining in what ways you respect the person, what they have taught you, and how they made an impact on your life. * This will become the introduction you would use to introduce your guest on to your show.
Part 2 and 3 * You must come up with fifteen (15) factual questions you would ask that would keep the audience interested. To do this, you must research information on the person. * With the questions, prepare a script (dialogue) between the two of you; please produce an answer for the person, as closely-based to accurate as possible. Slip the questions into the dialogue for a natural feel and go over it with someone to make sure it sounds normal. * When submitting it, put the dialogue ahead of the questions please.
Part 4 * In addition, you will need to provide an original picture to show the audience, depicting the person at a scene (meaning it can be hand drawn, and originally designed on the computer.) Copies and copy/paste will result in a Zero (0). The picture must include color. Neatness counts. It should be large enough to cover an 8½ X 11 sheet of paper.
Part 5 * Works Cited or Bibliography of the sources you used to find your information. Not providing one is saying you discovered the information and did the work to publish it (you did not!) * A minimum of three sources, one (1) from a book is required (Wikipedia and search engines are not accepted sources AND will cost you if you try.) * None of your work will be graded until documentation of research is provided. (MLA/APA)
Example Intro:
Our next guest lived all over the Northeast of the United States and parts of Europe like France and Prussia. He was our lead ambassador to France and