United States Senate and Medical Marijuana Card Essay

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Erin basso
Central Pennsylvania residents soon might have a new answer to a number of medical issues. A senate bill by the name of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, was passed through the senate’s law and Justice Committee on June 27th (Baer). The general body will be allowed to vote only after the Appropriations Committee votes when they return from summer break (Baer). After the whole senate has voted the bill moves onto final deliberation with the House of Representatives. Will the legalization of medical marijuana save lives or wreak havoc among Central PA? Other than Florida Pennsylvania is the only other state that is pending on legalizing marijuana. “We have the votes, but we just need to get through the political process, and that can be very slow because our system of government is never really meant to be fast.” Right now it is not clear whether the bill will be passed. Though this is the state of the bill most Pennsylvanians favor medical marijuana. Even though the state legislature and the public are completely for this bill to pass the governor still has the right to veto it (Baer). As of right now gov. Tom Corbett is opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana. The only way to override a veto would be to have super majority vote. The legalization of medical marijuana will not only help out struggling victims to uncurable diseases but also change recreational marijuana completely. “At Penn especially, when people sell bud they