United States of Tara Viewed Under Feminist Scope Essay

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United States of Tara Viewed Under Feminist Scope
In a world structured by male patriarchy, women are constantly criticized and abused. This is the case for Tara Gregson of the television series United States of Tara. She is a woman, wife, and mother dealing with DID (dissociative identity disorder), formerly known as multiple personality disorder. After being subjugated to sexual abuse as a child, her mind was not able to conform to society’s ideal for her. Through her multiple personalities she struggles with Sandra Bartky’s idea of a docile body and is further excluded from the supposedly supportive feminist community, and society in general, because of her disability as discussed by Garland-Thomson. Through this paper I will explain
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Through T, viewers see how some women react to male domination, and that is they docile their bodies and aim to please men and give them what they desire. However, T does give praise to Tara’s daughter, Kate, in a sort of caring, yet clearly still male-dominated way saying, “I really do admire the way you handle your shit, girl. We both bad bitches and we don’t fall for no one. That ain’t to mean we can’t please on our knees if you know what I’m sayin’.” Here clearly T is still supporting patriarchy, but she is applauding Kate for being a strong, independent woman, even if still calling her a ‘bitch’, which is a controversial feminist term.
Buck is the epitome of what is wrong with masculinity. He is what Bartky would consider a dominating male that causes women’s bodies to become docile. He sits with legs open, shows his toughness through shooting and riding a motorcycle, says homophobic comments, enjoys porn, and touches women’s butts without their consent. However, it is interesting to watch him because he is portraying the gender role of a man, while still physically being in a woman’s body. This causes many stares and confusion from outsiders, but because he firmly asserts his gender performance, everything he does is accepted because he is a ‘man’, and these things would not be acceptable for a lady.
Alice, on the other hand, is the epitome of a docile body. She moves her body daintily and smiles