Essay about Uniting a Team with Common Goals: The Happiness Project

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In this assignment we are required to go see a counselor and talk about a situation that is affecting your life. During my session I talked about being “stressed” having to deal with studies and family issues is a big deal in my current life as it gets tough to get all my studies on time and also worry about my family as well, talking to the counselor about my situation will help get some new insights on how to deal with these things together and also hoping to work out some strategies throughout my life.
As I walked in the room it was set out with to couches and a coffee table in the middle with a glass and jug of water, I felt the room to be relaxed and comfortable in especially the couches were great to sit on. During my session the counselor explained to me that anything I say will be kept in confidence and will not leave this room and even had the policy on the table if I wanted to have read of the confidentiality on how they do it and what there rules are by it, also the counselor talked about her self-letting me get to know her a little before we started the session she also explained what her practice is based on which was client based therapy which has been defined as needing the following skills: Accurate empathy, unconditional positive regard, congruence and non-possessive warmth. I felt really comfortable to talk and explain my situation as I explained what was bothering me for so long the counselor showed all her attention and warmth towards me and did not interrupt me at all while I was speaking. I found that the way my session was conducted was really warmth and respectful as the counselor spoke very well-mannered and showed a lot of interest and concern towards my situation, I felt like she was really genuinely concerned and really willing to help me through my problem that I have had for quite some time now. After hearing my situation she got out paper and pen and we talked about working out some strategies to help me through this and also to have these whenever is needed, we came up with a few things that were suitable for myself after asking all these question’s on what sort of places I like and what tends to help me relax when feeling stressed. In the end we came up with a name and few places which were ‘ the park and the beach ‘ with a some music playing from my phone we also gave it a name to make sound more fun not so boring, the name we came up with was ‘ study picnic ’. Which I thought was a great idea for myself as I like all these things and they all do make me happy and feel relaxed when at these places, I found this really effective towards me as I felt a boost of confidence just rise up through my body and I got all excited and couldn’t wait to try out the new idea, knowing in my mind that I have these sort of strategies really makes me look at everything on the different view, as if I do get stressed one day again I can always refer back and do these things