Unity Vs Separation Essay

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Tuwatimi Okibegha
Dr. Heard
March 28, 2014

Unity vs Separation
Unity is the coming together of two or more groups as living in peace and harmony. Unity is when two or more group agreed to live together as one entity. Unity is the bound that hold us together in peace. According to the book of Ephesians 4:3 “Unity is the spirit in bound of peace”. Unity is the only thing that enables us to live together in peace. Unity is the only reason for a peaceful coexistence.
We are all product of unity or better called the union between our parents. It takes unity for our parents to get married and give birth to me and you. It takes unity to see your neighbour as important as yourself. In unity there is love, and there hope for tomorrow.
Separation is our enemy who deceives us to believe that we are better than our neighbour. Separation is the absence of unity. The products of separation are discrimination, hatred, unhappiness, racism, prejudice, fight, war, killings, blood shedding.
I want to persuade you that separation is our enemy; According to Jc Mac he said “In unity there is no harm, you think to harm anything is to harm yourself”. All the major problems we experience in the world with the bank, with the war, with governments, with violence, over throwing of governments, with starvation, all come from the sense of separation. The solution to get the world peace is unity. The solution to rebuilding humanity is unity, unity is the only way to peace but separation is our enemy.
Take for instance United States, in 90s there was color pigmentation, the Black Americans were steered away from the whites’ neighbourhood, and communities in the Northern cities. In the 17th and 18th century there was slavery, what was the reason for this slavery? It was separation; remember separation is still the absence of unity. The reason for the racism is simply lack of unity. Separation is our enemy that made the White Americans at that time to believe that they were better than the Black Americans but now because unity has prevail over our enemy (separation), the Black Americans and the whites Americans can now live together in harmony. The Black Americans and the white Americans can now go to the same school, board the same trail, board the same plane, and marry together in peace, and unity. This jogs my…