Univ Phoenix HRM 531 Week 2 Group Assignment Draft JLL Essay

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Career Development Plan Part I - Job Analysis and Selection
Ronald Rios Olmo, Ivan Gutierrez, Juan F. Juan Llavat, Arnaldo Manzano
University of Phoenix
Human Capital Management – HRM/531PR
April 13, 2015
Professor Jose Mora-Grana

Legal Framework
As part of the merge between Inter Clean Inc. and Enviro Tech Inc. the new Inter Clean Inc. needs to hire five individuals for the positions of sales and marketing for the expansion to Puerto Rico. The labor analysis related to this position depends on the information that can be collected and processed by integrated communication of executive team. The organizational behavioral and environmental skills on how teamwork operates are going to be important to realize the initial introduction to the Caribbean market. The culture aspects, rules and laws will serve to guide the selection and execution of the task and goals by staff.
BS or experience related on marketing or business. The job requires knowledge on computer software basics programs (Microsoft office). Good communication skills both languages Spanish and English. About 75% of the time should by on road and the rest 25% performing clerical task. Research and identify the possible target clients on the specifications areas established around the island. Handle 50 pounds max.
A) Job Duties
a. Makes initial contacts with the clients
b. Perform a follow up schedule for potential clients
c. Create and maintain records for the new clients
d. MS office including outlook, Power Point, Excel and Windows operating system.
e. Reports weekly to the sales manager.
The region will be divided at the beginning to focus in the areas of the most business. Two employees will service to accounts metro and north of Puerto Rico from Manati to San Juan. Those positions shall be divided into pharmaceutical and industrial and second position in hotels, restaurants and buildings. The other three employees will focus on the east, west and south of the island.
B) Planning System
a. Create and stablish communication and presence contact with the clients
b. Analyze the existing operations of the clients and the future plans
c. Identify the possible risk during the sales process
d. Satisfies the client and identify other possible opportunities

One important part of the selection process is to select the correct candidate for the position. Sometimes the HR department uses outside outsourcing for the prescreening of candidates that may apply internal or external. We will use three methods for the selection process that best suit the Inter Clean Inc. objective in the hiring process and combining more than one method can greatly improve the predictive validity of the hiring process.
General Mental Ability (GMA)
This approach is effective at predicting future performance in every type of job. GMA can be assessed from 30 minute paper and pencil test to more expensive online computer tests. Both are equally valid, quick, easy and allowing our organizations to select the approach that fits best. Some of the disadvantages are this process is that do no offer a track of demographics groups that could affect members of minority groups.
Structured Interviews
These is not the standard interview, in structured, applicants are asked a series of specific, predetermined, job related questions. The responses are scored using detailed criteria. An interview panel of two to three managers asks questions and scores the responses. Some of the disadvantages are that it requires guidance of a selection expert. May require some training to apply an effective interview, to apply the scores and to analyses it.
Situational Judgment Test
These tests have been described as the multiple-choice equivalent to structured interviews. Applicants are asked to choose how they would respond to a variety of hypothetical situations that are relevant to the target job. The ability of this method to predict how applicants will respond to complicated decisions make this