Universal Design for Learning in Classrooms Essay

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Mrs. McDougal's main focus in reading the chapter Snapshot is to incorporate Universal design for learning in classroom. Mrs. McDougal main concern is to help her diverse students and to incorporate various learning styles to enhance learning. The best way is to use incorporate UDL approach to teaching.
Using UDL to design academic goals and curriculum has the potential to dramatically change how we teach, how students engage in learning, and how we measure what students learn. Using UDL principles allows us to embed flexibility into all aspects of instruction from the beginning, rather than trying to retro-fit a rigid curriculum, set of instructional materials, or test for each student who happens to learn a different way. Educators should provide multiple ways to access resources and content so learners are given the opportunity to take charge of their engagement in learning.
UDL offers options for how information is presented, how students respond or demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and how students are engaged in learning. UDL implementation provides the opportunity for all students to access, participate in, and progress in the general-education curriculum by reducing barriers to instruction. For example, UDL can be used when a teacher is teaching the four seasons. First, the teacher can read a book .However, in order to include the UDL instruction she can then show pictures for visible learning, or even videos and games of the four seasons. In addition, the…