Universal Health Care Creative Thinking Essay

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Universal Health Care
Reasons for:
The number of uninsured U.S. residents has grown to over 45 million people, including immigrants.
Health care already costs too much and it is still increasing with all the new diseases and vaccines in the world.
We can develop a centralized national database which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for doctors. It can also be easier for the patients because everyone would have the same insurance.
Doctors can concentrate on healing the patient rather than on insurance procedures, malpractice liability, and any other problems.
Free medical services would encourage patients to use preventive medicine and help them to learn about problems earlier rather than later. Then they can act quicker to get treatment where it would be easier to operate.
People will also be able to get jobs easier because they would not have to worry about health insurance problems.
There would be no competition between insurance companies because there would only be one company in charge.
Reasons against:
There isn't a single government agency that runs efficiently. How will we be able to trust that an organization that developed the U.S. Tax Code handle something as complex as health care?
There is no such thing as free health care. Health care is not free because we still have to pay for it with taxes. Expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes or budget cuts in other areas, for example education or other businesses.
Health care equipment, drugs, and services may end up being rationed by the government. Basically, politics, lifestyle of patients, and philosophical differences of those in power, could determine who gets what.
Patient confidentiality is