Universal Health Care

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Universal Health Care for All

Universal health care is the ability of a nation to provide at the least the most basic or medically necessary health care insurance for the entire population. The United States is the world leader in regards to the development of advanced medical technology and quantity of medical services. Interesting enough, to be one of the most progressive countries in the world, the nation does not guarantee health care as a fundamental right to its citizens. In fact, the United States is the only developed nation that has not developed a system to ensure the protection of even the wealthiest in the nation against health care costs. Indeed, the United States has a unique health care delivery system, but the system lacks
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In reality, it wasn’t until 1965 and the establishment of Medicare and later Medicaid, CHIP, and EMTALA did anyone in the United States believe that any form of socialized health care delivery was possible. There is a common misconception that a universal form of health care delivery would lead to a government directed health care services. The misconceptions were embedded in the minds of the American people by interest groups to include the American Medical Association after World War I. The AMA claimed that national health insurance was invented by the German Emperor and labelled it as Anti-American and socialism. To date, the American people still believe that national health insurance is a plot for the government to take control of their …show more content…
The two cultures that hinder universal health insurance is the strong corporate culture and the natural culture of the American people. Everyone knows that market-based systems in health care leads to unequal access to basic health care services and results in thousands of death each year due to lack of health care access. It is also important to note that universal health care would deem several in the corporate world as unemployed so, it is in the best interest of large health care organizations, physicians, and insurers to oppose universal health insurance. Finally, “we the people”, view health care as a personal choice rather than a fundamental right. Universal health insurance supports the belief that health care services in their basic form is a social good that should be achievable by everyone in the population regardless of their ability to pay. I personally support universal access to basic health care services. In my opinion, universal health care coverage would eliminate the overcrowding of Emergency Departments, reduce the coverall cost of health care per capita, and improve the overall public health of the nation. I would also argue that with universal health coverage, they would not be a need to focus health care efforts toward those that are less fortunate or to address health disparities. Everyone would have equal access to health services therefore, eliminating the