Universe: Earth and Life Essay

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The universe is a mysterious place which attracts a lot of scientists to search for organisms in it. Scientists have found that the universe is vast. There are many suitable conditions to produce other forms of life. They also suppose that the reason why human beings haven’t found other life is the long distance between Earth and other plants and the limitations of technology. So it’s likely that there are other lives in the universe, however, it is too difficult to search for them.

The universe consists of billions of heavenly bodies. There is enough space to provide the conditions for some life to exist. Life is possible on planets in a Sun’s habitable zone (Steigerwald, 2005). Some planets have suitable conditions, which are similar to the Earth, such as the temperature, the light and the water. “The sun will be a red giant a few billion from new, Mars may become the happening place to be” (Steigerwald, 2005, p.2). In other parts of the universe, planets orbit their own red giant suns, which were similar to the Sun. In short, in all probability that some other planets supporting other life in the endless universe.

Some scientists have proposed that there are some other forms of life. Scientific research shows that on the Earth, the most principal elements to form life are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, as well as nitrogen or phosphorous (Hawking, n. d). Scientists also found those three elements on some planets. Then they inferred that some forms of life probably exist in the universe. Furthermore, “the formation of something like DNA, which could reproduce itself, is extremely unlikely” (Hawking, n. d, p. 4). However, in the universe with a very large, or infinite, number of stars, one would expect it to occur in a few stellar systems. Therefore, scientists believe it is likely that there are some other forms of life since the other planets have some basal elements.

So far, nobody has enough evidence to proof that there is some other life out space because many difficulties obstructed the exploration. First of all, long distance space travel will be difficult for chemically based life forms (Hawking, n. d, p.