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Journal Entry: Motivation

Going to college is a highlight in most everyone’s lives. You prepare yourself for a career that you enjoy doing and that you will use for many years to come. The most important topic that students need to have and even older people who want to go to college is motivation. Motivation prepares you, it shows you that anything is possible if you just try. Online, motivation is described as “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2015). The one thing I believe that motivated me to get a degree in higher education is to show myself that even though I have a spinal cord injury, I can succeed with what I put my mind to. I enrolled at GCU due to the advisors talking to me as a normal person and believing, if I set my mind to something I can achieve it. I want to prove to anyone with a disability that they can have a job and become a college student. All you have to do is be ready, get paperwork filled out and get ready to learn. As Christopher Reeve, who also had a spine injury has said, “Your body is not who you are. The mind and spirit transcend the body. "(Reeve, 2004)
For motivation to be successful in students they need to believe and see successful inspirations around them. Families and friends at school can and often play a major role of what one would like to achieve. Some students who do graduate high school end up not taking that opportunity for college and later regretting their decision. It is never too late for college you just have to want it to achieve it.
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