University Composition And Communication

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University Composition and Communication I
Joseph Mercado
Eric Ramseier

There are many ways to get an education. There is the traditional way where people attend school and sit in a classroom, and learn from a professor along with other classmates. Then there are other means of getting an education, such as home school for students that have teachers come to their homes and learn one-on-one with the teacher. With many of these different types of ways of getting an education besides the traditional way, one stands out over most and that is getting an online education. The objective of learning deals with the different opportunities in ways of teaching, such as the differences in online and traditional methods of educating students.
People are used to the traditional way of getting an education. From the age of five, children begin traditional school and they finish in grade 12 of high school by the age of 18. From then on the college experience is a traditional one as well. With traditional styles of education the students attend a school and go to classes, engage in everyday studies with other class mates, take notes in their notebooks, study from text-books, and learn from a physical teacher that is present in class at all times to answer questions, and give information for the students to learn from. Having text-books and writing notes in class helps one understand the educational material better. Attending class with other students and a professor helps give a person different views and as a group of students it shows there are many ways people can understand each other, help each other, and guide one another through their educational experience. With having a professor present when needed in class, a student can ask the professor anything they need if they did not understand the work, and can get hands on opinions and information from the professor personally. The same can be done with online education. It is just done in a different way.
Online Education is a new way of obtaining an education but at one’s own pace. Online education was meant for people to go to college could not attend a traditional school or university. With online education a person can attend to school from the comfort of their home or office. A good thing about online school is that it can be taken on the go. Whether a person is in a park or a café they can attend class almost anywhere there is Wi-Fi signal. By attending a school online it helps a person attain the goals at their own pace and their convenience. Some line schools make attaining and education faster than a traditional one. With online it is possible to attain a degree or diploma at almost half the rate as traditional schools. This is possible by cutting the time of breaks in the school year and doing school all week instead of certain days, hours, or times. Classes at times can be difficult or easy depending on how a person knows how to use the computer. It does take some getting used to but with online education a student can get information at any time of day or night do an assignment. Classes can seem kind of singular if a student just logs in to class and does not participate in the class with class mate or the professor, but when the student does get involved it is similar to attending class in person like a traditional one. When doing classes all week a student can get ahead of their education and have time for work or other daily tasks. This helps the student be more flexible with their time and achieve their own goals.
There are many benefits from online and traditional education. A person can obtain degrees in both ways. Some universities even offer online class as well as traditional class. This is because of the overpopulation of students in class or a limitation of the professor’s time. There are similar ways of learning in both types of education. Both types of educations have similar ways of