University Health Services: Walk-in Clinic Essay

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University Health Services: Walk-in Clinic

1. Process Flow




| |Pre-Triage |Triage |
| |NP |MD |SP/MD |SP/NP |NP |MD |SP/MD |
|8am-9am |18.2 |12.2 |2 |6.1 |19.4 |3.1 |197.1 |
|9am-10am |17.6 |11.8 |2.5 |4.7 |19.4 |3.1 |152.5 |
|10am-11am |16.8
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Given that the annual salary of MDs is twice that of Nurses the labour cost of treating patient is only 16% more for MDs compared to NPs. The increase in knowledge of the MDs enable them to see more patients per hour (nearly twice the number of patients). This compensates for difference in pay.

3. Conclusions Ms. Angell’s task was to improve the delivery of medical care in the clinic by better coordination of services and the implementation of new programs. Specific problems that she had to address included: Patients’ dissatisfaction with the long wait times; the wait times did not depend on the nature of the visit; patients’ view of the clinic as cold, inefficient and impersonal and; duplication of efforts of nurses and MDs.
Lessons Learnt
Wait times and triage.
As seen