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RES 9311-141001 Fundamentals of Business Research

Final Paper

Session 6: Final Course Research Paper

Professor: Dr. (Thanasak Ruankaew)


The purpose of this paper is to review the value of business studies as a useful research methodology for understanding entrepreneurship and business development in Examine published research and statistical techniques. The literature of Business research is very extensive. This is evidenced by the literature search and critical analysis published by Doe (2010), which cited over 1000 references in the literature published up to 2007. An exhaustive review of the literature is thus beyond the scope of this work.

The aim of this paper is to provide, through selective reference to some of the literature, a clearer vision about assemble fundamental data collection and analysis skills.
As well as, it will provide an introduction to general theories of the cognitive aspects of question-answering in surveys and interviews. The focus will be on the cognitive processes in which respondents engage when answering questions and on the social interactions among researchers, interviewers, and respondents. The paper will provide an overview of issues that one should consider when designing a survey questionnaire or when interpreting the results of a survey.

Problem Statement This paper outlines the author’s purpose for reviewing literature of will consider the meaning of research (including how it differs from other ways of knowing), the steps in the research process, how to develop sound research questions, various quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and how to select a research sample. An overview of research findings on business research from Trade Journals, Work Study, and wires feeds. Some causal factors for the existence of research differences in writing achievement are touched and the link between research and social entities (media and power) are challenged. The implications of the above for research on Entrepreneurship learning Demonstrate mastery of data mining and analysis, sampling, t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation and regression, and selected nonparametric tests through practical business research experience.
Background of the Issue
Business research is not only used in academic field but also used in relevance for managers in decision making. Business research provided information to guide to business decisions. These decisions activities are required to the stakeholders as well as in process of determining, acquiring, and analyzing, and insights in ways to mobilize the organization to take appropriate business actions that in turn, maximize business actions and maximize business performance. The primary purpose of research is to reduce the level of risk of writing . The factors of computing power needed to aid the researchers to assist writing in the form of lower cost data, better visualization tools, powerful computation, real time access, and integration of data (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Indeed, in terms of characteristics of good research must be clearly defined, detailed research process, thoroughly planned design, high ethical standards, limitations addressed, adequate analysis, unambiguous presentation, and conclusions justified. Moreover, the researcher’s experience and credentials are taken into account too (Cooper & Schindler, 2011).

Literature Review
Bartik (2002) suggests five alternative research methodologies for estimating the impacts of local business research: controlled experiments, experiments with randomization, quasi-experimental research design, statistical analysis of secondary data, and statistical analysis of survey data. Bartik does not mention the business study approach, yet a frequent use of the business study methodology is the evaluation of economic and entrepreneurship development programs that are too new, too small, or too geographically