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Since moving on to my A Levels I have shown dedication and a keen interest in Business. I believe that I have the qualities to forge a successful career in this field. My elder brother has inspired me to do a Business related course at university as he is a manager at a thriving London-based company having successfully completed a Business degree.
I have gained various skills from my A levels which will be beneficial in a business-related career. In Business my communication skills developed significantly as I had to deliver various presentations throughout the course. These skills have helped me broaden my confidence in speaking in front of a large group of audience. I also had to write detailed reports and calculate accounting ratios for one of the finance based units. I also had to interpret the ratios, having extracted relevant figures from the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet. Additionally, I had to look at budgets to calculate variances and discuss the importance of monitoring costs and budgets. I found this accounting aspect of the Business course particularly enjoyable, hence later deciding to a combined Business and Finance degree.
This year I am completing BTEC Subsidiary Diplomas in IT and Travel and Tourism, I believe that there is a strong link between these subjects and Business. In Travel and Tourism I have covered several units. I have developed my communication skills, teamwork skills and presentation skills as I had to participate in group discussions and present work in front of the class. I believe these skills which I have gained through Travel and Tourism can easily be transferrable in a business environment. In IT I have covered a number of units such as Spreadsheet Modelling and Website Design. I have gained exceptional IT skills which I think can be imperative in a Business related career.
I believe that it is also important to be athletic because this creates a good balance between academic and social areas of life. I come from an Indian back ground which encourages cricket more than any other sport. I hold an interest in all ball game sports. However, Cricket is something that I have played since I was 7 years old. I currently play for the Battersea Ironsides Cricket Club which is a highly respected Cricket Club in London. Being the