University Seminar Final Essay

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University Seminar Final
As the fall semester of my freshman year of school reaches its conclusion, I start to realize a great deal of changes between myself personally and academically. I noticed that I have become more independent than I was only a year prior. Living away from home you have to rely on yourself to handle your responsibility. Being a student I learned that I have to wake myself up at an enough time to get dressed and go to class. When you enroll into a higher learning intuition you relies that your academic excellence is all on your work ethic. In high school you could slide through the cracks with a C- and your teacher would bump it up to a C+ if you were what they believe to be a good student. At a university a professor will show no lenience towards any student whatsoever. Your grade in a course reflects how hard you feel like you worked in that class. I’ve also learned how to balance social and my private life. When I came to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania for summer program I had a mindset of not worrying about my school work but worry about my social life. I came to that conclusion when I was in the mist of doing my work. I realized that my school work wasn’t really a challenge for me. I started to procrastinate and doing my assignments last minute. Going to the fall semester I thought I could do the same habits I did in the summer time. I quickly realized how dead wrong I was. The work this semester seemed to be more thorough than the work in the summer. Trying to do your work last minute would cause any student to have a mental breakdown. I learned to work on my assignments almost as soon as I got them. I believe you got to bring a lot of positive energy to the project at hand; it will sway the momentum in your favor. Staying focus on finishing a project or an assignment has its rewards. Rewards like not having to worry about it later on. A productive person to me is just a smart lazy person. I say that because a productive person finishes their project in reasonable time so that they can relax later. I believe that positive thinking leads to positive actions. If one can think positive thoughts before attempting your work there's a strong chance that if one will stay focus and will complete the task at hand. By bring that mindset to the table I started to receive higher grade on my assignments. By working on it earlier you can take more time editing and critiquing your work.
By being a student enrolled into Bloomsburg I also learned how to become more and more out of shape. I came to college with the mindset of only eating healthy foods. It seemed like a great idea in the summer and the entire first week of school. Then I started to