The Importance Of Critical Reading Strategies

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I am an international student from China and have been studying in Australia more than 1 year. However, I still face serious learning difficulties and lack confidence in speaking English. Library Learning Services proposes strategies to help international student promote academic skills, computer skills and library research skills in Griffith University. I have chosen the service which is ‘Getting started on your assignment’ because I am always confused about how to start on an essay.

I attended ‘Getting started on your assignment’ in Griffith Nathan campus on Monday. This course covers explaining the question, Guidance for research, focusing assessment norm and assignment planning. At first, tutor presented that we must understand the meaning of an essay question. The first step is observing the questions to discover the key words. The tutor states that there are three kinds of key words including topic words, limiting or qualifying words and directive words. I will try to use these key words to research next time. Then, tutor handed out a sample of essay question to discuss what the key words are. Through analysing this essay question with tutor, I master that to answering a question, four methods including description, discussion, argument and evaluation can be done. Also, focusing on researching will be helpful to write an excellent essay. It will be useful to gather research materials by using critical reading strategies which are comparing and contrasting,