Blooms Taxonomy

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Blooms Taxonomy – This concept was something new I learned in this class. The concept consists of six steps: 1) Knowledge which is recalling information: 2) Comprehension is understanding, translating and summarizing the information. 3) Application is using and applying knowledge while using problem solving methods. 4) Analysis is where we identify and analyzing patterns while organizing of ideas. 5) Synthesis is using old concepts to create new ideas and 6) Evaluation is assessing theories, comparing ideas and evaluating outcomes. Blooms taxonomy for me is something I can use every day while it be at my place of employment with my subordinates or at home with my children.
Fluent Retrieval – This concept was defined as the ability to retrieve information fluent or automatic. With fluent retrieval we attempt to understand the problem instead of jumping to conclusions, which takes time. In certain situations fluent retrieval would be effective because instead of over reacting we can sit back and analyze the situation calmly.
Learning and Transfer/Understanding vs. Memorizing - Understanding means we can process the information and apply it. Since we are not born with ability to function competently in society, it is important to understand experiences and then transfer them into a new concept. At work I can use this by making sure I understand the accounting procedures of our production in order to understand if my employees are performing their job functions properly. Memorizing is basically memorizing facts in order to pass a test. I need to be able to know that my employees actually understand what our products are instead of just repeatedly entering production in the system.

Metacognition – The awareness or analysis of one’s own learning or thinking process. Self-questioning is a common metacognitive comprehension observing strategy. While reading a paragraph or chapter in a book and I find that I am unable to answer my own questions, or that I do not understand the material read, then I need to determine what needs to be done to ensure that I understand the text. So I can either go back and re-read the paragraph with the goal of being able to answer my original question. If, after re-reading through the material I can now answer the questions, then I now have understood the material.
Learners-Centered Environments – This is a term is referred to