Unjust Criminal Justice

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Those who suffer from inequalities or unjust acts from our institutions, often wonder what a just society would look like. Those living in an urban setting tend to see the inequalities more vividly, as the social disparities are too great to be ignored.They seek justice from our criminal justice system in hopes to find fairness but with no avail. The urban criminal justice system has flaws and implications that has resulted injustices for many. However, it has been hard to track these unjust acts because the law is defined by legislation, and it creates the standards of what justice should be. Justice is defined by our laws, that can be covertly unjust, making it difficult to change the inequalities that the criminal justice system has perpetuated because the imbalance of power is too great.
The policing in certain urban communities, where the
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Elizabeth A. Gaynes explains how African Americans are deemed criminogenic in her written work titled The Urban Criminal Justice System: Where Young + Black+ Male = Probable Cause, she describes that African Americans face excessive force, torture, degrading treatment, overall discriminatory treatment at disproportionate rates (Gaynes, 1993). It violates the individual rights of groups of people, in particular African Americans who have not seen fairness or justice too frequently, which become clear in the results in the form of mass incarceration. Goyens also points out that African American men are seen as the problem of urban crime, not only are they overly represented in prisons but in our city jails as well (Gaynes, 1993). Those involved in urban criminal justice system might find themselves in city jails where they might be awaiting trial for convictions for a duration of time without the proper services promised to them once