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The management of my career of been an artist would require a lot of school related skills for me to make it in that business. Trying to be an artist would take a lot of patients and calmness. It brings emotions from a canvas to real life feelings. The different types of jobs that require an artist are well paying jobs for the future. Architecture is a well paying job for who would design homes and businesses for high dollar people.
Been an artist was my passion for several years as my career choice. The fun in painting and design thinks from your own thoughts is the beautiful of it. I have a very artistic side of my when I have plenty of time on my hands. My skills in art would apply in different types of jobs dealing with my skills. Architecture for example, I’m very skilled with building and designing a building. Graphic design as another job would deal with computers and designing and creating images on a computer. My skills would match a lot of requirements for jobs dealing with an artist.
The term art was formed the use of objects that are not normally considered art. A person named Marcel Duchamp was the creator of the name in the 20th century. In history, there was sighting of ship wrecks with plenty of gold and silver in Singapore. As history pasted down, some of the values of the items were worth a fortune. You are able to find over 60,000 objects found from the ship wreck in different museums around the world.
There was a famous artist named Arman that was a Franco-American artist. He made his artwork by objects that was burned, destroyed, or mummified. He was a fellow member of the Nouveaux Realistes movement. He used a technique based on objects like groups of clocks and gas masks, or broken instruments.
Another artist name Paul Klee, was a Swiss born painter of bright colors. He started at a young age of 4 when he took along his passion for art. Semi abstract forms and rhythmical lines were his favorite types of artwork. He had over 4,600 paintings made from the techniques he used.
In my field of work, many people can be employed to a certain extent. As an graphic designer, the employment outlook expects to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through 2014. An architect expects the same outlook as a graphic designer.
The duties of begin a graphic designer is creations to express ideas, convey information, or draw attention to a product. An architect plan, design, and observe construction of buildings used for human occupancy.
The qualifications for a graphic designer are a postsecondary training. The job can have male or female and experience should be artistic and communications. School subjects would need to be art and computer science. As an architect, you would need to require a bachelor degree. The job would require mostly male and experience should be art and mathematics.
As my education plan, I would go to an art school that would help me develop myself for my career. The best art school in my region would