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Professor John Killoran

When it comes to teaching my grandmother how to operate a computer, the main important concept is patience. In order for her to understand and comphrehend anything that relates to technology computers I would have to begin at a far slower pace. It is important to make sure that she understands the basics before moving on to other advance steps. To begin I prefer to go over several devices that she will be interacting with on a daily basis. For instance, learning the usage of a power button, keyboard and mouse on a computer are areas of where I would begin. As for viewing I can adjust the font size on the computer in Windows to ease the visability.
Next I would make this a “hands-on” learning experience by instructing her how to move the mouse around the screen. I would allow her observe myself using the mouse to move and click on basic tabs such as the start menu. From there she would have the control of the mouse to navigate around the screen. The goal is to have her familiarize different compontents on a computer and to become comforable while she is adapting a new skill. Further more once I’ve noticed that she is ready to move on I would then teach her how to open a program .I would also prepare for her a simple notebook that includes easy basic steps for her to follow in case she needs to refer back to a specific phase.
Every week I would set goals for her to show me what she have learned so far before I proceed to the next step. In addition I would have her ask any questions that she may have.
The most important concept of teaching the use of computes is motivation. Often I will use positive phrases to help motivate her the ability to have a higher interest in learning the internet. I have noticed that with her or any student who has that positive coach will more than likely to succeed and have confidence to do better.

Due to the new versions of Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer I believe that “surfing the web” will be the most challenging task for her to learn. Furthermore using the internet has and will continue to change a person’s…