Unnoticed Children Essay

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June19, 2013 Amili Au Mark Keppel, 10
Unnoticed children
Prompt: In your speculative writing, describe and analyze Salvador’s situation. Then examine what information, causes. Effects and possibilities will result if Salvador’s world doesn't change. Explain from the point of view of your role in Salvador’s world.

Salvador is a child from a poor family with three younger brothers that he has to take care of. To my analysis, the mother is a single parent that has to take care of a baby and does not have the time to take care of the kids, so the oldest child took care of everyone. Salvador has to wake up early in the morning to wake his brothers up, tie their shoes, comb their hair and prepare breakfast for him and his three younger brothers. When it is time to leave to school, he runs with his brothers to school. In school, Salvador is a very lonely child with no friends; even the teachers don't remember his name. I think he is just very shy and even he had a friend, he would have the time to go out with his friends because he has the responsibilities to take care of his little brothers. His mother doesn't spend time enough time with him and his little brothers. Salvador has many negative thoughts; he has too much stress from school and home. The causes from his situation are that because he is very shy and doesn't have the guts to talk to others and make new friends, he is lonely so he doesn't talk in class. His mother is busy all the time taking care of the baby, so she left a lot of responsibility to Salvador. Giving responsibility to a child is good so they will be more matured, but the mother is giving him too much responsibility that she is abusing the use of Salvador. The effect of Salvador’s situation is his social life, because he doesn’t get to have the time to make friends and go play sometimes and he has to take care of his brothers. Not having friends in class makes him really lonely and quiet and so the teacher doesn't remember his name. If he has to still live on like this and his mother won’t change, he will become a