Uno and World Peace Essay

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The large scale destruction caused by World War II, convinced the world that if the human race was to be saved from total annihilation, a powerful world organisation was necessary to safeguard peace in the world. This was a noble and sane idea. On the 24th October 1945 the United Nations Organisation, the august world body, came into existence. It was welcomed by all the nations of the world. The main purpose of this world organisation is to maintain international peace and security. Its aim is to develop friendly relations among the nations of the world. This organisation is supposed to arrange for international cooperation for solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems in the world. Promotion of respect for human …show more content…
If Though there can be no dispute about the laudable objectives |s of this world body, the functioning of the Security Council is far [.’from satisfactory. The right of veto that can be exercised by each permanent member of the Security Council has attracted much criticism. People feel that the right of veto has given superior status to the permanent members of the Security Council, while non-permanent members have been reduced to the position of second-grade members. The question of universal peace is the concern of all the countries of the world and not only of the five permanent members, anyone of whom can veto any proposal however just and fair. So the idea of mortgaging the peace of the world to the Big Powers is losing ground and a suggestion is gaining ground that the right of veto should be abolished. The General Assembly has constituted a committee to study draft amendments to the U.N. Charter and to suggest how best the powers of the United Nations could be enhanced to enable it to fulfil the objectives for which it had been founded. While most of the Veto Powers are for maintaining the status quo regarding the Charter and the Veto system, some of the developing countries have suggested the abolition of the veto power, because this power has been misused on many occasions. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations,