Essay on Unplanned Event and Events at the Margin

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This essay is written by an author that agrees that unplanned event and events at the margin should be concern. The essay will begin with the author’s point of views in regards toward unplanned events and events at the margin with possible outcomes using examples. Subsequently some examples of planned events will be also illustrated by the author to compare between planned and unplanned events. At the end of this essay, the author also provide some recommendation to solve the issue with unplanned events and events at the margin if they happen.
In event studies, events is defined as an occurrence that only happened at a specific time and location due to a certain circumstances. These can be classified into three types of
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Most events like this are illegal and dangerous to the local community. It involve the participants to take over a certain area, blocking of the main roads and holding up sign to demonstrate their protest. The atmosphere of the events can change very quickly depending on how the situation will developed into. Despite knowing that they will be arrested for this act, they will still continue to participate in these events. An example of this events would be the Hong Kong Riot that took place in the year 2014. The local communities is unhappy that China wants to reform the political electoral system in Hong Kong as this will greatly affect the city to become unable to remain as a global financial centre Hong Kong's Protesters Are Fighting for Their Economic Future. (n.d.). Due to this factors, the protestor form marches to take over some of the important street of the city by staying there for days. Time to time, there have been reports by the media that the protestors has clashed with the local police when the police wanted to disperse the crowd. The outcome of this events is almost the same with unplanned events, it not only cause injuries to the people that are involve in it, it also cause damaged to the environment.

Planned events
The idea of planned events to the author is to achieve a specific outcomes and result by creating an event on a specific location and time Getz, D. (2013).