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Would you Plan a Unplugged wedding today?

What is an unplugged wedding. Well you might think that it could be a wedding without electricity. But no that is not what I mean, what I mean is a wedding where guest aren't focused on taking pictures with there phones or cameras and actually enjoying the wedding like it is supposed to be.

I just had the wonderful experience to enjoy an unplugged wedding. My cousin got married 2 weekends ago . while it has been sometime since I've been to a wedding this invitation was much different. There was a online wedding blog, and you could RSVP online. She even had her bridal shower linked this way. It keeps you connected with the whole process unlike my wedding.

When we arrived on this gorgeous sunny day to the wedding location and while she didnt ban cell phones or other cameras during her reception she did ask that during the ceremony everyone enjoy it and only let the photographers enjoy taking the pictures. Weddings now q. "a days have to deal with social media.

I have seen and heard of horror stories about images floating around social media sites even before the bride has walked down the Isle. Imagine a groom passing time on his cell phone device to see images posted of his bride before she's walked down the isle. Today's technology is much different then when I married my husband 15 years ago. Matter of fact we had disable cameras that took 2 days to get developed and another few weeks before we even got back…