Unreached People Group Project Essay

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Unreached People Group Project

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GLST 500-B10 LUO
Global Studies Survey


José C. Caballero
March 6, 2015


God has a plan to reconcile His relationship with man after sin entered the world. This plan revolves around making His name known throughout all tribes and nations. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, the Bible presents God’s missionary purpose for humanity. For this reason, Christians involved in missions will travel to dangerous places to proclaim God’s name and saving power.

According to the People Groups
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Within this 10/40 window there are 69 nations, which can be found in Northern Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. It is in this region where the poorest people in the world live and many of them have never heard the Word of God. There are approximately four billion people living in this area and the majority of non-Christian religions can be found here.
Christians face various oppositions, which impedes their work. Regardless of the opposition, persecution, and difficulties, God’s will on reaching them continues. This paper will first discuss Koreans background to include historical events, language, family life, economy, and religions. Second, this paper will include a brief review of the history and current missions work, challenges and the status of the church. Lastly, this paper will discuss a proposed a strategy to reach the Koreans in North Korea with the Gospel.

Background Information Korea is divided in two countries, which are North Korea and South Korea. North Korea’s formal name is Democratic People's Republic of Korea and it is located in East Asia and its capital is P’yongyang. Kim Jong-un is the current leader and has been since December 2011.
Summary of Korean History
The following summary will briefly cover several dates in Korean history and the information comes from the