Unschooling Argumentative Essay

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The abilities to discover and learn manifest themselves during infancy; and these primordial inclinations allow us to gather knowledge and make important connections throughout life. Unschooling is a more extreme method of homeschooling that allows a child to learn through the harnessing of these natural abilities. This form of education may work in a utopia, but unfortunately, America is not one. Unschooling is an unnecessary and flawed way to educate a child in multiple aspects.
Unschooling is an educational method where children are supposed to learn anything and everything they would need to know while ultimately rejecting a normal school curriculum. Unschooling is a form of “homeschooling pedagogy in which the student is primarily self-directed. The child is able to decide what is studied, when, and how (of course, parents suggest and facilitate, but if a child shows no interest in a particular area of study, there is no compulsion of the
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It is a faulty way to educate children for various reasons as mentioned. It is wrong to force this alternative lifestyle on children without any input at all from them. By withdrawing them from school, children are missing out on numerous academic and life lessons learned throughout the school years. In addition to missing out on what school has to offer, unschooled children will adopt an “I can do what I want when I want with no consequences” ideology. With this attitude, they will have a difficult time fitting in. They will also have trouble keeping up with their studies. The idea of removing a child from the school system so that they may spend entire days learning when they feel like it is excessive. The long-established school system is admittedly imperfect, but there is no reason to resort to such a problematic and privilege-drenched educational