The Effects Of Teenage Bullying

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Bullying is a huge problem that has been effecting kids for years. Kids in schools not only get bullied physically, but also emotionally which could sometimes be even worst. Kids have even managed to take bullying to the internet which affects a lot of kids considering how much the internet has been integrated into our lives. According to statistics from Family First Aid, about 30 percent of teenagers in the U.S. have been involved in bullying, either as a bully or as a victim of teenage bullying Data suggests that teenage bullying is more common among younger teens than it is among older teens.
However, it may be that young teens are more prone to physical bullying, which is easier to identify, and that older teens are more sophisticated in methods of bullying that are not always exactly identified as such. Physical bullying is more common among boys, and teenage girls often favor verbal and emotional bullying. Indeed, while boys report that they are more likely to be involved in physical altercations, girls report that they are often the targets of nasty rumors ­ especially involving sexual gossip. Additionally, girls are more likely to use exclusion as a teenage bullying technique than boys are. There are a number of effects that come with teenage bullying. First of all, there are the obvious physical problems and injuries that can result from physical bullying. However, emotional, verbal and cyber bullying can deeply affect teens as well. These activities can lead to depression (and even suicide), drug use and stunted social development. These are problems that can affect a person well into adulthood.Another problem can be that of retaliation. In some cases, bullied teens have violent fantasies of attacking their tormentors. There are instances in which these teens become violent, turning on their classmates in order to get revenge. This can be a cause of heartbreak and difficulty.

There are ways to put a stop to the bullying. One way would be to completely ignore the bully. Bullies feed of the attention you give them so if you ignored them then their power gets taken away from them. Another way you can try ending it with is by telling an adult. Sometimes a situation may be too much for you to handle alone so asking an adult to help handle it can relieve the stress and usually works most of the time. Bullying has become a major pandemic thats been effecting more than every two out of every five kids every year and rising. with new forms of bullying on the rise its gonna be hard to try and combat it. Though with all the research and constantly finding new ways to help stop, an end may be coming sooner than we think.

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Bullying Prevention Resources
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Bullying has created misery in too many lives. Taking effective action to stop bullying is difficult – and Kidpower is here to help. Everyone has the right to be emotionally and physically safe — and the responsibility to act safely and respectfully towards others. Adult leadership is essential to stop bullying in our families, schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. Kid Power's Bullying Solutions resources are being used worldwide by parents, educators, social workers, youth leaders, and managers to prevent and stop bullying.
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