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Story summary: In An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, the main character Colin
Singleton is a child prodigy that is waiting for his “eureka” moment. It all begins when Katherine
XIX dumps him after their high school graduation. He spends his days after graduation moping about his heartbreak but his best friend, Hassan talks him into a road trip to get over Katherine.
They surprisingly both convince their parents to let them go on the miscellaneous venture. Colin and Hassan find themselves just driving further and further away from Chicago and soon end up in a small town named Gutshot after Colin begged Hassan to let him to stop at the Archduke
Franz Ferdinand's grave. They then meet a girl named Lindsey Lee Wells who they end up later on living with along with her mom, Hollis. Lindsey's family owns a tampon string factory in
Gutshot that was started by her great­grandfather Dr. Fred Dinzanfar. The factory provided jobs for a majority of Gutshot's citizens in which Hassan, Colin, and Lindsey were sent to interview and ask about their town. Through these events Lindsey and Colin begin to grow a closer relationship which will allow Colin to learn about the "real" Lindsey and not the one that she pretended to be around other people. While hunting pigs with all of Lindsey's friends Hassan and Colin catch Katrina and TOC (the other Colin) cheating on him and Lindsey, causing both of the couples to break up. A couple days later Colin and Lindsey find out that