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Micayla Astrauskas
Mrs. Schipper
English IA
February 11, 2014
Digging Two Graves
“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” ­Mahatma Gandhi. Revenge, good or bad? Revenge is never a good option. It takes energy to even plot revenge, energy and negativity to even spend time thinking about it. look towards something constructive and positive, the heavier feelings will drag you down and the lighter ones, which encompass positive, will lift you up, whatever you focus on, there will be consequences. Nothing good comes from revenge. Revenge can cause death and hurt. In
Romeo and Juliet; Romeo got into a fight because Romeo “crashed” the Capulet’s party. Romeo kill Tybalt, and Juliet’s family was hurt. In the story, (Shakespeare:
Romeo and Juliet; III, II) when the nurse comes into Juliet’s room and tells her about
Tybalts death and Romeo’s banishment, she cries faking as if all the crying and hurt was all in the pain of her cousins death. In reality her pain was more endured because of Romeo’s banishment. Revenge can cause death and hurt, for example, what Juliet and her family went through because Tybalt wanted revenge on Romeo for “crashing” the party, which backfired both on Romeo and Tybalt. Tybalt died, and Romeo got banished from Verona because he accepted the challenge to a dual.
Revenge can affect more than just the main participants. When Tybalt

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challenged Romeo to the dual, he never meant to hurt anyone except Romeo. Due to the dual and the hurt that it came with, Juliet and her family ended up being hurt in more ways than one. In the story of Romeo and Juliet (III, II) when Tybalt dies and Romeo gets banished, Tybalt and Romeo only wanted the dual and pain to be between the two of them, and was not intentional for the family to be hurt. Although, they ended up hurting more people than planned. Tybalt died causing pain in the Capulet family, especially Juliet. Not to mention, Juliet was crushed when she found out Romeo was being banished from Verona. Therefore conflict between two people escalated and caused a whole world of hurt in the Capulet household.
Revenge hurts more than you think. In Romeo and Juliet (III, II) because of
Romeo killing Tybalt in a dual for “crashing” a party at the Capulet house, Romeo gets banished. Hurting Juliet to the point she feels killing herself would be the only cure to the pain. When Juliet is being forced to marry Paris, she feels that her love is so strong for Romeo, she doesn’t want to live another day without him. Juliet then goes to the
Friar Lawrence to get a potion to put her to sleep until Romeo can come rescue her, and so it’s a win­win situation and that way she won’t have to marry Paris. All because of Romeo and Tybalt’s