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Hodges 1

Xavier Hodges
Mrs. Larson
English Pre­Ap Pr.7
October 10, 2014
John having legacies gives him a chance to open his box with Henrie (Johns guardian) inside the box contains a crystal rock from his home planet Lorien that activates Johns lumen and helps spread his resistance to heat and fire. John opening the box in general opens his eyes to what happened to his home planet and what’s to come with his legacies.
Lorien; Johns home planet that he and other garde were sent away from during a tough battle for protection. Lorien along with its inhabitants was destroyed when the Mogadorians came for their resources. The Lorien fought long and hard to protect their planet but it wasn't enough. John gets his first legacy and he is now able to open his box. Inside the box contains a healing stone, a small like pebble rock, and a model of the galaxies.
The model of the galaxies John gets after opening his box helps him get flashbacks on how he got to earth. John and other garde were in orbit in a ship for about two weeks while the battle for Lorien was going on. After the two weeks the ship headed to the planet Earth which
John and Henri are now on.
When opening the box John gets a crystal rock from his home planet that has a certain ability that helps with legacies. Since John’s legacy is lumen the crystal helps spread his fire and heat resistance. The crystal is also a healing rock that comes in handy when injured.