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Johnny Tapia
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Should Teens be tried as adults
Juvenile justice is a controversial topic. Should teens be treated the same as adults, or should they be treated differently.Teens should be tried as adults because in some of the articles prison has helped teens unlike bootcamp or juvy. “In the article to tough on teens” Tony Haynes got harsh physical treatment in bootcamp and died.(210)
Teen boot camps are supposed to help put troubled teens on the right track but according to the article it can make things worse. In the article “leaving crime behind” being in prison turned Anthony
Carroway life around. while Anthony was in prison he had time to think what he had done “He decided his first step would be to join a class to get off drugs”.(213) His second step was to join an anger management class Anthony said “the violence class woke him up he

learned to control his temper by talking instead of fighting”.(214) Being prison help anthony change his life now he is a youth counselor and helps troubled teens. In the article “youth crime adult time” teen crime was on the rise, and juvenile prisons weren't stopping it. people wanted to punish teens as adults to scare them away from crime”.(216) Soon many juveniles cases were being tried in adult criminal courts as many as 250,000. I think trying teens as adults is the best way for them to learn their lesion like when shaun miller began to realize the effect his crime