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1) Forest Gump­ Setting, Acting, Plot, Decor/Clothing
2) Ferris Buellers day off­ Setting, Plot, Conflict, Decor/Clothing
3) Hot Tub Time Machine­ Setting, Editing, Plot, Point of View, Lighting
4) The Notebook­ Setting, Acting, Conflict, Lighting
5) Marley And Me­ Setting, Plot, Cinematography, Conflict
6) James Bond Casino Royale­ Setting, Acting, Decor/Clothing, Editing
7) Wolf Of Wall Street­ Setting, Decor/Clothing, Acting, Conflict
8) Pursuit Of Happiness­ Plot, Point of View, Setting, Clothing/Decor
9) Sandlot­ Plot, Setting, Decor/Clothing, Conflict
10) 50 First Dates­ Setting, Point of View, Plot, Conflict A: After looking through my list, I realized that a couple of them had a underdog story. A story that looked nearly impossible but they managed to overcome the task to be successful. The underdog role made me like these films. B: Almost all of them deal with conflict such as,
Ferris Buellers day off
Marley And Me and

C: 1: I respect all the films on my list for their techniques, but the one I respect the most is
Tub Time Machine. 2: No, They are all different Actors. 3: None of my films a made by the same director. 4: The films
Pursuit Of Happiness and
Forest Gump have a strong statement about believing in yourself. 5: The films
Pursuit of Happiness and
Wolf of Wall Street have a real powerful and very emotional effect. 6: The movies in my list aren't genres besides
50 first