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Some of the contributions that ancient Greeks descended to the Western civilization art, architecture, philosophy, math, drama, and science. First I didn't realize how much ancient Greece has influenced our history. Now I understand foundations are built on art and architecture. For instance the White House,
Capitol building, etc. Also math for medicine and cures; drama for television and social lives; and finally science which includes medicine, cures, and future improvements.

Socrates was one of the most important powerful thinkers in history. He had encouraged his students to overlook their beliefs. The quote stated by Socrates was meant to be taken as for Greeks to go further and question themselves and their moral character.
Socrates was born in 469 UC and died in 389 BC from drinking a slow acting poison.

There is an excerpt from the elements, written by Euclid in about 300 BC. The excerpt says "If two straight lines cut one another the vertical or opposite angles shall be all equal".
Euclid was a highly regarded mathematician. As of now the Euclid is still used as a basis of courses for geometry.

Around 441 BC Sophocles wrote a play called Antigone. The play was based upon
Antigone who defies the king by burying her brother who was killed in a rebellion. While
Antigone is being confronted by the King she says that she doesn't think his orders were very strong in that he has a mortal could not overrun the gods unwritten and unfailing laws.