Understanding Of The Economy

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Though it feels like it has been a long road during these past nine weeks but, I am glad to have taken this class. A few things that i will be taking away with me from this class is my new found understanding of the economy this is based off of my own research for the BQ but, i feel as though I would not have researched it otherwise. Another thing I am going to take with me is the fact that death is an inevitable fate that must be accepted. Until learning about death in this class i ignored the topic heavily. Now i know its not that a bad and should not be viewed as such a horror as long as you live your life in the most fulfilling way possible.
The article I liked the least was the article about death, I am not too sure why but i just did not get into it like the rest of the material in the class. it felt like a drag and barely kept my attention. I don’t know about anyone else but it just was not my cup of tea. The movies, discussions and other articles however were very intriguing. I loved how the class was set up it felt less like work and more like just a great big discussion/learning experience. I do wish that the article write up were worth a more for grading.
For future students of this course I would advise them to take head to the schedule given in the syllabus. Spacing out the assignments like suggested to make the work load less of a load. I would say that they should Spend at least 4 days a week dedicated to the class and they would be all set.
For the rest of my