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Argumentative Essay Assignment
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I truthfully believe that philip's rights were violated when humming the star spangled banner, he should have not been banned from humming because this related back to the free expression rights which means that the government does not have the rights to forbid people from saying what they would like to or want to say, V.S. from saying what would like to say at all times. My argument to this is that i think his right were violated only because free expression allows anyone to say what they feel. My evidence to this is that the the freedom expression was in a way kinda violated only because that law expresses that you can say anything however you want and in a way whenever you want only because its the law and you have to listen to it because its very important . Although philip was very exasperating she could have at least nicely talked to him in a friendly manner and it didn't have to turn into this big feud. I thoroughly believe that philips choice of things that come out of his mouth must be pretty irritating and exhausting after a while but on the other hand his rights to speak and say what ever he wants whenever he want were violated in my perspective because she at least could have handled it herself and not involved everyone in the world or at least it felt like it for instance this could have been a tiny situation like i said if she would have handled it herself but my evidence to this is that miss narwin does kind of does do bad at her job only because of this incident and now since then she has been blamed for the wrong story and now

everyone thinks she is a horrible teacher now and her reputation is really bad so therefore she has to move schools. But my counter argument to this would be that philip should have obeyed her rules the first time. Instead philip just had to egg on the situation and then now it was just this huge mess involving mostly everyone and all sources. Because of this big feud philip is now in a bad place and now he has to move schools and in that school there is no track and he is now truly disappointed and now he just wishes they had a track team but they didn’t at the private school. Everyone around philip and everyone who is encouraging him just makes him more mad in a way and he just wishes everything had not happened anymore and just keeps rethinking the situation